Investments Become More Secure with Accelerated Credit Insurance Protection!

Hello friend Acceleration, Acceleration always strives to give priority to the security of the Accelerated user. To be able to guarantee security of course we need a feature that can support it, one of which is Credit Insurance.

At present credit insurance protection applies to loan campaigns that have the ‘Insurance Protection’ logo / mark and later every loan campaign in Good Lenders will have insurance protection. This is also a form of Acceleration commitment so that the risk of funding that you do in the Acceleration will be lower


What benefits and coverage can you get from the insurance protection campaign?


Qoala / Simasnet Credit Insurance (for Online Merchant Financing) will guarantee loan refunds up to 80% of Borrower’s principal outstanding arrears until the 90th day from the due date of the loan while for Credit Insurance from Marsh / ASEI (other than loans Online Merchant Financing ) guarantees up to 85%.


How long does it take to get insurance protection payment in the event of an NPL?


Acceleration will immediately pay insurance claim funds to Lenders as soon as possible after getting payment from the insurance provider

For loans that are insured, once the claim is paid the right to collect the loan moves to the insurance provider. The insurance provider will endeavor to collect up to a number of claims paid. If the billing result is higher than the claim paid, the difference will be paid to the lender.


Who benefits from this insurance protection?

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The ones who will benefit from Credit Insurance are Lenders who fund the insurance loan campaign. Therefore, if you want to get these benefits, make sure the campaign you fund has information / signs of insurance protection.


How do you submit an insurance claim?

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This insurance does not need to be claimed by the Lender, because if there is a delay in paying more than 90 days, then the Acceleration will make a claim to the insurance provider on behalf of the Lender. However, it is possible for the borrower to finally repay / repay the loan. Then, your loan will return in full or 100%.

No need to worry about the risk of default, because with Credit Insurance protection if there is a loan that is experiencing late payments, the funds will return up to 85% of the principal arrears. Let’s start giving your loans now!

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