Learn how to sell more payday loans to negative customers

If you follow the blog articles, you have certainly read about how to sell more payday loans, right? In this new post, you will understand how to sell more payday loans, but to the negative ones. Come on!

The negative ones (considering, of course, the target audiences that are entitled to payroll deductible credit: retirees, pensioners, employees of affiliated companies, professionals with active FGTS or public servants), as the name suggests, are consumers who already have debts and, most of them are looking for a loan to pay off previous debts. And these debts can be car, residence, college.

The payday loan is the line of credit with the best interest rates on the market. However, it is important to note that interest rates for negative people may be higher than advertised for those with a clean name.

This variation – lower or higher – of interest rates will depend a lot on each financial institution or the bank that released the payday loan.


Economic Scenario

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Before diving headlong into practical tips on how to sell more payday loans to negative customers, we need to better understand how the Brazilian economic scenario is doing.

Brazil experienced a severe recession in recent years that ended up hurting the country ‘s growth. Thus, many retirees, pensioners and civil servants ended up in debt and were unable to pay these debts. That is, these people have become delinquent.

However, with the definition of a new president for 2019, the financial market got excited and is already projecting a much better Brazil for the coming years.

And how can it impact you? With the economy doing well, banks and financial institutions, in general, will have more credit to grant.


What are the advantages of contracting this credit line?

What are the advantages of contracting this credit line?

The first is: retirees, civil servants or pensioners consider purchasing this type of loan, even with a name restriction, to pay off all debt previously contracted. Therefore, they eliminate one and sometimes several debts at once and are left with only one account to worry about.

In addition, there is another argument that can convince the negative person to hire the services of your company: once the consumer has contracted the payday loan service and has complied with the agreement by paying all installments correctly, without delay, it shows not only for the lender, as for the entire market that can afford its debts and become a good payer in the future.


Online payday loan

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There is also the possibility to purchase a payday loan for negative online. That is, the indebted person does not need to queue at banks or financial institutions to apply for credit.

The completion of the online payday loan application does not usually take long, sometimes it is a matter of a few minutes to complete the application, but for this to occur smoothly the negative must meet the requirements imposed by the creditor.

It is also important to note that the loan margin (or consignable margin – is that limit value that can be discounted from the individual’s benefit or salary) can determine whether or not it is possible to complete the release of new credit. Stay tuned and ready to explain this to the consumer.

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