Swiss loan for self-employed

Financing concerns plague many entrepreneurs. The lack of risk-taking among German commercial banks is particularly problematic. It is therefore not uncommon for corporate finance to come from abroad. The Swiss loan for the self-employed has been a way out of the investment backlog for many decades. The article reports on what to look for when planning a foreign loan and what other alternatives are available.

Swiss loan for the self-employed – the classic foreign loan

Swiss loan for the self-employed - the classic foreign loan

An aspiring company must expand, otherwise it is condemned to insignificance in the long term. The business world is finding the capital for the necessary investments less and less at their house bank. State funding via the Fine Bank is possible, but the application hurdles deter many entrepreneurs. Fine Bank help is not possible without the support of a professional consultant and a lot of time that is lost in the core business.

The Swiss loan for self-employed promises quick lending. The application is easy. Special knowledge and comprehensive economic analyzes are not required. In contrast to public loans, there is no time-consuming preparation of economic data. A meaningful BWA is sufficient.

Credit comparisons are essential

Credit comparisons are essential

Foreign credit is subject to competition similar to that of consumer credit. Not all offers are the same. Depending on the possible collateral and the creditworthiness, considerable savings can be made through a detailed loan comparison. In addition to the good feeling of using the best personal offer, there is another advantage of the intensive comparison. Comprehensive prior information is the safest means against black sheep, which is available in every industry.

The intensive comparison of the offers makes it clear what is in line with the market and at which point there is a risk of overreaching. A sure sign of a dubious offer is the provider’s request for advance payment. Reputable providers only earn money if they operate successfully.

The success fee includes all preliminary costs. If the placement attempt was unsuccessful, no fee is due. In addition, neither a savings contract, insurance, a credit card, nor any other “credit enhancement agent” is offered.

Alternative to a foreign loan – personal loan for self-employment

Alternative to a foreign loan - personal loan for self-employment

The modern alternative to Swiss credit for the self-employed is that of private donors. Contact to solvent financiers is offered via internet portals. Two large portals share the market in the German-speaking area. The way the providers work corresponds to an internet auction. Entrepreneurs looking for a loan publish their loan request on one of the platforms.

Private donors study the offers and submit a financing offer in the form of a bid. If enough bids have been placed and accepted, the loan will be payable. A bank now takes care of the rest of the procedure. She pays the loan and receives the repayments. Incidentally, it is the same bank that has approved Swiss credit for self-employed people a million times over.

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