Swiss loan without credit bureau information

A Swiss loan without Credit Bureau information is very welcome today. It is much easier to apply for and offers many advantages. In contrast to conventional loans, Swiss credit can only be taken out abroad without Credit Bureau information. A credit intermediary can help to make an application so that the loan can be guaranteed.

What is a Swiss loan?

What is a Swiss loan?

Until a few years ago, this loan was only granted in Switzerland. Nowadays it mainly comes from Liechtenstein or Belgium. The main advantage of the loan is that it will not be entered in a Credit Bureau, nor will the Credit Bureau of the customer wishing to apply for the loan be checked. Those who have not yet charged their Credit Bureau and do not want to do so in the future and those who have a bad Credit Bureau are happy to avail themselves of this loan.

For some it is the last chance to get a loan at all. Swiss credit without Credit Bureau information is often granted without a purpose. So the customer does not have to give a reason for what the money is needed. In addition, as with German credit institutions, the loan is repaid in monthly installments.

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

To apply for the loan, the applicant must be of legal age and have a good income. On the Internet, the customer can calculate whether his salary is above the garnishment allowance, because it has to. If it is below that, there will be a loan rejection in any case. The salary secures the loan and must therefore be attachable if the customer is unable to repay the installments or can do more. It is also important that the employment contract is permanent. It must not be an independent activity.

Unemployed people receive their unemployment benefit every month, but this is a social benefit and is therefore excluded from income. Trainees are often too young and their training salary is below the attachment allowance and therefore cannot apply for a Swiss loan without Credit Bureau information.

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